I guess it was kind of a productive summer...

I don't have pictures of everything, but here's what I've been up to since May:
I'll start with these guys, mostly because I want to get them out of the way.

They stand for my procrastinating ways like no other. I promised to have these finished by the time I left Vantage and I've been with Millipore for almost a year and a half. They were so simple and I hope the little girl that gets them loves them as much as her aunt loved the pattern. Maybe she'll even share with her new cousin...
This guy is the second half of a commission from a coworker.

It was her idea (pre-Bob's Burgers episode), so she's a pretty awesome coworker. I completely forgot to take pictures other than a webcam picture to send to Catty Kitchen members, but his colors are neon, not pastel.
I debated whether to post this picture.
It's one of two (the second, larger one is not photo-ready) for a dear friend who just had a baby and also has an older son I've never made anything for. It's a simple pattern but it's my own, so I'm kinda proud. I can't wait for them to be back in the country so I can give them the little buggers.

This was my non-crochet project that was just "finished" tonight.

I still need to complete my more esthetic solution for necklaces, but it's close enough for pictures.  Including pictures of the earrings (with a matching, non-pictured necklace) I made.
The original windows from our house were left in our garage when Justin bought the house, so we've been starting some projects with them. Justin and Octavia also got some burlap sacks from Ronnoco for yard purposes and I stole one for my new jewelry holder. Unfortunately, the one of the glass panes took its frustration out on Justin's finger, but it looks like the finger's going to pull through.

Whew. It seems the thought of going back to school really kicked my creativity into high gear. If this is how non-school times are going to be, I can't wait for winter break.

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